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1. How quickly can a building be delivered?

We can start on site immediately and subject to specification and commercial terms being agreed, a building could delivered within 32 weeks.

2. Is there good labour availability in the area?

There are approximately 1 million people living within 30 minutes of the site.

3. How much power will be available to each building?

The site has a power supply of 28 MVA. This is a significant amount of power and we will be happy to discuss specific occupier requirements.

4. What is the smallest and biggest building you can develop?

SLPEMG will offer from 100,000 sq ft. SLPEMG can accommodate up to 6 million sq ft of space in total.

5. On what terms are buildings available?

Buildings will be available on a leasehold basis and consideration may be given to freehold turnkey disposals.

6. When will the rail freight be operational and what are the costs to use the terminal?

The construction of the rail terminal will be finished by mid 2019; we are currently selecting a preferred rail freight partner – once appointed we will be able to give more information about the operation of the terminal.

7. Is there an estate service charge?

Yes, an estate service charge is levied on an acreage basis. Further details are available on request.

8. What public transport options serve the site?

The site will be well served by existing SkyLink bus services which connect on a frequent and reliable basis with the major city areas of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester as well as Kegworth, Loughborough and Coalville. These strategic bus services will drop off and pick up passengers as a dedicated public transport interchange at the entrance to SLPEMG. Further enhancements to these services, along with new bus services to connect with local communities will be provided as the SLPEMG develops to meet employer and employee demands.

9. What’s the maximum building height than can be built at SLPEMG?

We have obtained planning consent for units of 35m on parts of the site.

10. Who is the developer and landlord?

The site is owned by SEGRO and the development is managed by Roxhill Developments Limited.