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A1 What is the Scheme?

It consists of:

  • A rail freight terminal accommodating 12 to 16 trains per day and trains of up to 775m in length
  • Up to 6 million square feet of warehousing
  • A new rail line connecting the terminal to the Castle Donington branch freight only line
  • Major road improvements
  • Earthworks to create development plots and landscape zones
  • Strategic landscaping and open space, including alterations to public rights of way and the creation of new, publicly accessible, open areas

The major road improvements consist of:

  • A new junction on the A453 to provide access into the East Midlands Gateway site and to connect to the Kegworth Bypass
  • A public transport interchange at the site entrance, adjacent to the entrance roundabout
  • A major upgrade to Junctions 24 and 24A of the M1 which includes a direct connection from the A50 Eastbound to M1 Southbound
  • Alterations to the local road network to maintain access into Lockington
  • A southern bypass for Kegworth
A2 When will construction works start and finish?
  • The Development commenced on 9th January 2017
  • Works to the A453, A50 and M1 Junctions 24 & 24A are scheduled to be completed in Autumn 2018 and the Kegworth Bypass in Summer 2019
  • Construction of the major warehouse buildings are due to commence in Autumn 2017 and are likely to be completed by 2024
  • The rail terminal will be available for use by January 2020
A3 When will the first warehouse be Occupied?

The first warehouse is scheduled for occupation is the Autumn of 2018

A4 What are the benefits of the Development?
  • The scheme will encourage the increased movement of freight by rail
  • The rail freight terminal will be for the benefit of both occupiers of the site and companies from the wider Midlands region
  • In advance of occupation of warehouses, or operation of the rail terminal, extensive improvements will be undertaken to the road network in the immediate vicinity of the site (see A1)
  • The scheme is expected to generate in excess of 7,250 jobs
A5 When will the Kegworth Bypass open?

October 2018, 9months earlier than originally planned.


AA02 Will Ashby Road be closed when the bypass opens?

On completion of the Kegworth Bypass there will not be access from Ashby Road to the A453, other than for buses, cyclists and pedestrians

AA03 How will we gain access to Lockington after the works are complete?

Church Street and Main Street will be closed at their junctions with the A50 and a replacement access road will be provided. Please refer to the development website

AA04 How will we gain access to the Hilton Hotel?

A local road will be provided from the M1 Junction 24 roundabout to directly access the hotel

AA05 How will the Kegworth Bypass affect traffic in the village?

Following the opening of the Bypass there will be a reduction in traffic on the A6 through the village and only HGVs serving the Kegworth area will be permitted to travel in the village


KB01 I was expecting a bypass but not in this location, how did this come about?

The Kegworth Bypass is associated with the provision of The East Midlands Gateway (EMG) Rail Freight Interchange which is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) and as such was a proposal that was considered and determined by the Secretary of State for Transport after detailed consideration by an Examining Authority (a panel of three Inspectors from the Planning Inspectorate). Consent for the EMG scheme was granted by the Secretary of State in January 2016 and the bypass is being constructed in accordance with this consent.

KB02 Can I appeal or claim compensation?

The period for a judicial review has passed so there is no right to challenge the decision which has been made. Under planning legislation there would be no basis for compensation to be made for the impacts the development.

KB03 What will the finished road scheme look like?

The road will be a single carriageway. The scheme includes an extensive and robust landscape framework that has been carefully devised to provide a strong “green” structure to the site and effective mitigation for the potential effects of the proposed development. This will be done through a combination of bunds and sensitive planting.

KB04 Will the road be lit?

The new road is not lit except at the new roundabout on London Road and on the approach to the A453.

KB05 Will there be any screening?

There will be earth bunds along the majority of the Northern side with planting.

KB06 What are the speed limits on the new bypass?

National speed limit for a single carriageway is 60mph. The speed limit will reduce to 50mph at the new roundabout on London Road and on the approach to the A453.

KB07 Can I get through to Long Whatton from Kegworth without going on the new bypass using Whatton Road and vice versa?

No. Two new junctions are to be built off the bypass which serves Kegworth and Long Whatton. From Kegworth you follow Whatton Road to the new junction, turn left onto the bypass and then turn right at the second junction back onto Whatton Road.

From Long Whatton you follow Whatton Road to the new junction, turn left onto the bypass and then turn right at the second junction back onto Whatton Road.

KB08 Will the new Whatton Road junctions have traffic lights? And can I turn left and right?

The junctions will not have traffic lights but you can turn left and right.

KB09 Will there be a pavement and cycle path along the new bypass?


KB10 Who will police the 7.5 tonne weight restrictions within Kegworth once the bypass is open?

This is matter for Leicestershire Police.

KB11 Who will monitor the pollution on the new bypass?

NWL DC already have measures in place to monitor the air quality and will continue to do so once the bypass is complete. The Authorities Air Quality Monitoring Officer can be contacted at the Customer Service Centre on 01530 454545.

KB12 Is the old Ashby Road bridge over the M1 going to be demolished?

No, the old bridge will remain and be used as a pedestrian and cycle route.

KB13 Why is Ashby Road being reopened, can it not stayed closed until the works are completed?

Ashby Road is now closed until the bypass opens in Oct 2018

KB14 The bus link road between Ashby Road and the new bypass, how will it this work?

A Traffic Order will be in place to only allow buses to use the link and there will be traffic lights controlling the link which only recognise buses.

KB15 Why is work taking place close to the houses at Springfield, Langley Drive and Foxhills?

Work is taking place to connect the drainage from the bypass into the existing watercourse. This will include clearing out and regrading the existing watercourse behind Springfield and Langley Drive.

KB16 Will the bypass increase the risk of flooding in Kegworth?

No, the water will be held back within storage basins before it enters the existing watercourse.


PR01 Who do we contact about the Development?

Please email your query to:

PR02 Who do we contact about traffic information?

Please email your query to:

PR03 How does the Developer communicate with the Local Community?

The main vehicle for communicating with the local community is our website and the established Community Form. Attendees include representatives from:

  • Kegworth Parish Council
  • Lockington cum Hemington Parish Council
  • Castle Donington Parish Council
  • Long Whatton & Diseworth Parish Council
  • North West Leicestershire District Council
  • Leicestershire County Council
PR04 How do we find out what is going on?

Please see our website

PR05 How do we complain?

Please email your query to:


PT01 What changes will there be to public transport during construction?

There will be some local diversions of Skylink services which go via Kegworth, which are necessary to create the new access junction to the development

PT02 What changes will there be to public transport once the development is occupied?

The detail of specific bus service improvements will be agreed by a steering group during the course of development, but current proposals are for an extension of the my15 service from Ilkeston to the development, plus enhancements to the Skylink services. The development will facilitate a new bus interchange at the site access junction, which will connect passengers using Skylink services with a site-wide shuttle bus, providing direct access to each individual warehouse

PT03 Will my bus route be affected?

There will be some local diversions of Skylink services which go via Kegworth, which are necessary to create the new access junction to the development. Please refer to your bus operator for further details.


RW01 How will public rights of way be affected?

The scheme requires diversion of several rights of way. For rights of way currently affected by the works please see our website


T1 When will the first train arrive?

The terminal is scheduled to be available for freight trains from January 2020

T2 Will passenger trains use the Terminal?

The terminal is for freight trains only. The nearest passenger station is East Midlands Parkway.

T3 How is the scheme affected by HS2?

The safeguarded HS2 proposal is for a high speed line to run between Kegworth and the M1 and not through the development site. The Kegworth Bypass will be completed by the Summer of 2019 and HS2 are aware of our proposals. There will be no connection from HS2 into the rail freight terminal Please see for further information on HS2.


TM01 Will the roadworks increase journey times?

Every effort has been made to minimise the impacts on journey times; however the road network is very busy and some delay cannot be avoided. Please see our website for useful contact numbers Other useful websites for traffic information: and

TM02 Will Ashby Road be closed during construction and why?

Ashby Road is now closed until the bypass opens in Oct 2018

On completion of the Kegworth Bypass there will not be access from Ashby Road to the A453, other than for buses, cyclists and pedestrians

TM03 How do we know if our journey time will be affected?

Please refer to our website

TM04 Where can we find traffic information?

Please refer to our website

Other useful websites for traffic information:

TM05 Why are the roadworks necessary?

The strategic road network around M1 Junctions 23A, 24 and 24A is very congested at peak times. To create the necessary additional capacity to accommodate the new development the network needs to be improved. The proposed works will not only accommodate the additional development traffic but will also address some of the existing capacity problems

TM06 Have the works been planned in conjunction with other roadworks in the area?

We are working closely with the team in Highways England who are constructing a ‘smart motorway’ on the M1 between Junctions 23A and 25, which will convert the hard shoulder into a 4th traffic lane. This is a separate scheme and will be delivered during 2017 and 2018. Please see here for further information.

We are also liaising with Highways England and Leicestershire County Council about other roadworks in the vicinity of the project to mitigate conflicts

TM07 Will the traffic management affect major events?

The scope and duration of the works means that they will overlap with major events; however, every effort will be made to minimise the extent of traffic management on the network during major events

Major Events/venues

Donington Park Raceway and Download Festival